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HP Rare-Pair Challenge
 Author: [livejournal.com profile] charma_10 
Neville/Parvati Progress: 5/13
1. one by one
2. without warning
3. fall to your knees
4. not listening to a word
5. a veritable treasure trove
6. out of the shadows (4/13)
7. to feel or not to feel
8. the question is obvious (5/13)
9. fundamental (3/13)
10. hear the silence (1/13)
11. the horizon is near
12. window on the wall
13. oh, the insanity (2/13)

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Hi! I love your fics! You're one of my favorite authors (literally, at SU!) I'm adding you as a friend, ok? Hugs!

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you're really good! i like your fics glad you are updating!


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