Date: 2008-01-30 05:47 am (UTC)
Oh yeah I am 100% on the bullshit wagon. It just sucks because this guy was so legit last time. Kloves sucks, but he wouldn't fuck it up that bad.

Did you hear the news over a HPANA? Apparently David Barron told them that there was possibly going to be an announcement soon that would tell us who is directing DH and whether it will be a 2 part film.

And apparently they got the impression it was David Yates (SQUEE!) and that DH will be a 2 part film, but who knows.

I am more excited for the press report and interviews though. They've been keeping them pretty quiet so far. But HPANA got an interview with Jessie so that should be good. From the clips of summerhill (someone posted the eps on You Tube) she strikes me as a good actress and quiet a sweetie.

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