There has been some pretty massive 'news' over on the imdb boards from Pheonix123, a stunt double on the movies. I am in two minds about this. He was completely legit before OotP came out, giving us parts of the script that turned up in the movie. Now though, he is saying:

A whole new action sequence has been added which involves the Death-Eaters (including Bellatrix) attacking The Burrow which results in The Burrow catching fire and being destroyed. There is then a fight in the reeds which surround The Burrow.

Now this could be plausible, as it does open up an opportunity to get everyone to Grimmauld Place and Harry can find the mirror and locket and all that jazz. But seriously? Why the FUCK would they destroy The Burrow. There is no way JKR agreed to that and I think even though she doesn't have much input she might have chucked a shit at that. I know I am.

There are also some script snippets...

C'mon, Harry. We've got a game to

CLOSE UP - QUAFFLE, as it ROCKETS into the AIR...


Instantly, Slytherin snatches the Quaffle and rushes en
masse toward Gryffindor's end, weaving and passing with
wicked skill, culminating in a vicious, slicing shot on
goal. Just when it appears it will clear the hoop, Ron
streaks out of nowhere and sends the Quaffle screaming in
the opposite direction. Ginny pauses on her broom, stunned.

What's gotten into him?

She glances up at Harry, circling high above and he grins.
Just then, Dean streaks by:

Ginny! Let's go!

Instantly, she rolls backwards, jets off and races down her
fellow Chasers. Flying in spread formation, Dean--on the
far wing--starts the Quaffle "up the line" until it lands
in Ginny's hand. Pitching herself into a wide slide to
avoid a PAIR of WHISTLING BLUDGERS, she leans recklessly
off her broom and whips the Quaffle through the goal

As the CROWD SCREAMS, Harry eyes the Gryffindor section,
where Luna's LION HAT ROARS, Lavender CLAPS for Ron and
Hermione sits with her arms crossed, a look of supreme
annoyance on her face. Harry grins, jets off.


The room teems with students celebrating Gryffindor's
victory. It feels like Mardi Gras. Or a mosh pit. Or a
riot. And Ron is right smack in the middle of it.

Weasley! Weasley! Weasley!

Harry takes his backslaps on the periphery, smiling as he
sips a Butterbeer and enjoys Ron's turn in the spotlight.

Ron seems to be enjoying himself.

Yep. Apparently it's his lucky

Apparently this happens when Harry is at The Burrow for Christmas.


Harry careens through the marsh, reeds flashing past, then
spies Bellatrix. She GRINS, looking like a crazed wood
nymph, then flits off, her LAUGHTER mocking him. As he
pursues, FIRE SNAKES through the reeds toward him.


Fred, George, Ron and Arthur fan out, running full-out,
their feet kicking up SPARKS as SHADOWS splinter throughout
the reeds. It's like chasing ghosts.


Ginny, copper hair gleaming, races through the reeds.

Bellatrix leads Harry on, grinning madly.

Ginny comes dashing to a halt, chest heaving as she peers
into the smoking marsh. A HUGE FIGURE QUIVERS through a
veil of smoke. Ginny's eyes SHIFT, see Bellatrix racing
forward through the reeds, then SHIFT back as the veil of
smoke evaporates, reveals...Greyback. Bellatrix makes an
ODD, CLICKING noise--like a signal--and Greyback edges
forward, sweeping away the reeds in front of him and

...Harry as he pelts forward.

No, Harry! It's a trap!

Harry falters, looking toward Ginny's voice and spies
Greyback. Bellatrix stops dead, wheels in her tracks and,
seeing Ginny, SHRIEKS with RAGE. Raising her wand, she
fires a BOLT of RED LIGHT which explodes in a SHOWER of
SPARKS around Ginny. Ginny fires back, then wheels away,
flashing through the reeds coming face to face with...

Greyback, sharp teeth glittering.

Don't you smell clean.

Just then, a BOLT OF BLUE bursts off Greyback's back and he
turns, sees Harry standing several yards off. As Greyback
gives chase, Ginny pelts after and we CUT back and forth
between Harry, Ginny and the beast between them, faster and
faster, their BREATHS shortening until...

Greyback rushes into a clearing, panting, glancing about.

Just then, TWIN BOLTS of light blast from opposite sides of
the clearing and Greyback is lifted in the air, slammed to
the ground. As he regains his feet he looks into the reeds
and sees Harry and Ginny, wands poised. He grins...when
Bellatrix's odd, CLICKING signal carries through the night
once again. Turning away, he exits.

Harry and Ginny slowly step out of the reeds, stare at each
other wordlessly. Then...Ron, Fred, George, Arthur and
Lupin come thrashing into the clearing, stop. All around
them, the reeds SMOKE, the flames dying. Across the marsh,
Bellatrix's cackle rises briefly on the air--then all is

You're lucky you weren't killed.


Hermione reads the Daily Prophet as she walks alongside

You have to realize who you are,

I know who I am, Hermione,

So tell me what Arthur said.

If Dumbledore's traveling places,
it's news to the Ministry. But
get this: that night at Borgin &
Burkes? It seems Draco was
looking at a Vanishing Cabinet.

What would Draco want with a
Vanishing Cabinet?

You tell me.

Hermione frowns, pondering this. Then:

He looks different, don't you
think? Draco. Almost...ill.

Who could tell the difference?

I think these are a load of shit. The writing of the script is shit and lame and it just doesn't seem right. There is no way Harry would call Malfoy 'Draco'. Nor would Hermione call Mr Weasley 'Arthur'. And I really don't think they would add that scene in if any. It would be an exciting action sequence, but bullshit all the same. That particular scene needs to come in the next movie.

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Ok, when Order of the Phoenix was being filmed, someone on there lied about a new scene being added; where Hermione would be spun in the air by a Death Eater and fell into Ron's arms; that never happened. Don't listen to them on there, they all talk out their arse. Believe me.

And they wouldn't have The Burrow get ruined, it's needed for the next film. Because if they did, the Burrow being my favourite location in HP, except Hogwarts, I would be very pissed off! Haha!*

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I call bullshit to all of that. Jo would never agree to burning down the Burrow. Where the hell would the first part of the 7th book take place? Nu uh.
(Shia isn't mad at you. He's telling off the person who wrote the script)

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*sigh* I have heard a lot about this but this is the first time I've read it. Dissecting it:

In the Quidditch bit at the beginning, if this was authentic, it would seem a perfect opportunity for Harry to throw a jealous look at Ginny as she races off at Dean's call, yet there's nothing there at all... no mention of Harry until he grins at the end of the passage. That seems to rig very off to me since Yates and Co. has been going on in interviews about Harry's unrequited feelings for GInny in much of HBP.

The battle scene at the Burrow seems like it would take up a huge chunk of screen time and for what reason? We don't need to go back to 12GP at all. We can simply learn of the locket's story in DH. It would have been a HUGE revision to the HBP script if Kloves had had the Burrow destroyed only so that Harry and the Weasleys would have been forced to go back to 12GP after DH came out. I can't buy that. Nor can I see a good reason for adding this. The cave scene with the Inferi at the end of HBP should be a huge scene, Dumbledore's death the climax of HBP. So any battle scene like this would take up too much screen time when you have two huge things at the end already with the cave (which it appears they've already filmed at least part of) and then of Dumbledore's confrontation with Malfoy and Snape.

So, no, I don't buy the whole battle thing.

Have to also agree with the previous poster who mentioned the oddity of Hermione addressing Mr Weasley as "Arthur" and Harry calling Malfoy by his first name.

Also this sounds like Harry had to have asked Mr Weasley if the Ministry knew anything about DD traveling and I can't see that in any real script, either. Harry wouldn't point out that Dumbledore had been gone, nor would he ask Mr. Weasley about that.

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i think it sounds awesome!
if its true i cant wait for the smokin reeds harry/ginny part!!
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(linked by [ profile] pink_martini2)

No, Harry! It's a trap!

Legit or not, that line made me lol. XD

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Well, I'll defiantly keep an eye open for those scenes...
I can't wait for it to come out!!!
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