I have changed the status of my journal to Friends Only. Should you want to be my friend, Comment and tell me a bit about yourself and I will most likely friend you back : ) If you just randomly friend me, I probably won't friend you back because, well to be honest...I don't know anything about you. So don't be afraid to comment. I have a 100% friending rate on people that comment.

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I read your response to kanedax. It perked my interest if you write HP stories. I would like to read them. So, I decided to friend you.

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I will friend you too! I am in the process of making a fic journal so it has some of them and the ones that aren't on there are on ff.net (link is in the links tab)

Welcome friend!

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Thank you for the lovely comment on checkmatedrejex. I was going to post this in my reply there but didn't want to get in trouble for too much CM bashing. LoL.

Anyway, I really love what you said about fics that are set Post-DH. I completely agree. How can they possibly know what takes place between the last chapter and the epilogue? Who gave them such insight into Harry or Ron's mind?

Do they sit around in a group and say "Ok, all in favor of Ron making an arse out of himself before he and Hermione actually have sex, raise your hand! If we don't get enough votes, then it's gonna be rejected!" *shakes head*

Oh and can I friend you? :o)

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I totally forgot to reply to this. I did friend you though :)

I hate how Ron automatically seems to have to make an ass out of himself before sex! I mean, sure he can be clumsy and nervous but he isn't downright clueless!!!!!

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hi there, you've left such lovely comments for my stories lately I just wanted to come over, say hello and ask if it's alright if I 'friend' you?

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Hi, i've read your fics on SU and love them, especially Stalemate. I'd love to friend you :)

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Hi. I keep seeing you all over my friends list so I'd like to friend you as well. I trust all of their opinions so if they like you, I'm bound to like you too.

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I have to warn you, the first entry you'll see is my whinging about Ron haters, so it might seem just a tad ranty...

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Hi! Earlier today you friended my fic LJ after [livejournal.com profile] spidergirl30 sent you there, and I was wondering if you would be interested in friending my regular LJ? As you know, I'm an HP fan, so there's plenty in common right there! :D

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Of course! One can never have too many HP friends, right?

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we are about the same age, both into HP (you write stories; i read them :-) ) , so I was wondering if you would be interested in friending me (if you are not that is fine, too). I also study to become a teacher, although not for primary school.

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Oh! NO!!!

Don't LEAVE!!!

I haven't been getting my notifications for about three weeks AND I was away when you asked!

OMG! I didn't even know you had posted!!!

*adds frantically*


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I really wish I knew who was eating my notifications! I've changed email addresses, reset everything, check all the damn boxes and still nothing!

*bangs head against wall*

It's getting frustrating. I can check comments on MY journal, but I can't see if people respond to what I say on their journals.

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Actually, if you click on comments in the left sidebar in your lj menu and click on 'latest posted', you can see the 10 last comments you have posted ( might be more on a paid account). If you follow the link after each comment, you can see if somebody replied. It is a bit time consuming, but the best advice I have so far.

Why don't complain with lj staff, maybe they can fix it somehow....