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( May. 4th, 2009 03:25 pm)
So, first DW post. I've got nothing to say really, but thanks to the person who gave me the codes!!!
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HP Rare-Pair Challenge
 Author: [ profile] charma_10 
Neville/Parvati Progress: 5/13
1. one by one
2. without warning
3. fall to your knees
4. not listening to a word
5. a veritable treasure trove
6. out of the shadows (4/13)
7. to feel or not to feel
8. the question is obvious (5/13)
9. fundamental (3/13)
10. hear the silence (1/13)
11. the horizon is near
12. window on the wall
13. oh, the insanity (2/13)
There has been some pretty massive 'news' over on the imdb boards from Pheonix123, a stunt double on the movies. I am in two minds about this. He was completely legit before OotP came out, giving us parts of the script that turned up in the movie. Now though, he is saying:

There are also some script snippets...

Quidditch )

I think these are a load of shit. The writing of the script is shit and lame and it just doesn't seem right. There is no way Harry would call Malfoy 'Draco'. Nor would Hermione call Mr Weasley 'Arthur'. And I really don't think they would add that scene in if any. It would be an exciting action sequence, but bullshit all the same. That particular scene needs to come in the next movie.
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( Dec. 10th, 2007 07:05 am)

I have changed the status of my journal to Friends Only. Should you want to be my friend, Comment and tell me a bit about yourself and I will most likely friend you back : ) If you just randomly friend me, I probably won't friend you back because, well to be honest...I don't know anything about you. So don't be afraid to comment. I have a 100% friending rate on people that comment.
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( Dec. 11th, 2006 04:39 am)
This is just a post that I will include all resources for any icons, banners or anything I make myself. If you see anything that you have created and your name isn't on this page it is most likely me forgetting to update. Don't hesitate to comment and let me know. I'm known to be forgetful. It won't be deliberate.

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- Literary Spring
- Edwin
- Szuia
- Lady Victoire
- Harwood
Static Romance
Appendix Squared
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