Date: 2008-01-30 12:24 am (UTC)
*sigh* I have heard a lot about this but this is the first time I've read it. Dissecting it:

In the Quidditch bit at the beginning, if this was authentic, it would seem a perfect opportunity for Harry to throw a jealous look at Ginny as she races off at Dean's call, yet there's nothing there at all... no mention of Harry until he grins at the end of the passage. That seems to rig very off to me since Yates and Co. has been going on in interviews about Harry's unrequited feelings for GInny in much of HBP.

The battle scene at the Burrow seems like it would take up a huge chunk of screen time and for what reason? We don't need to go back to 12GP at all. We can simply learn of the locket's story in DH. It would have been a HUGE revision to the HBP script if Kloves had had the Burrow destroyed only so that Harry and the Weasleys would have been forced to go back to 12GP after DH came out. I can't buy that. Nor can I see a good reason for adding this. The cave scene with the Inferi at the end of HBP should be a huge scene, Dumbledore's death the climax of HBP. So any battle scene like this would take up too much screen time when you have two huge things at the end already with the cave (which it appears they've already filmed at least part of) and then of Dumbledore's confrontation with Malfoy and Snape.

So, no, I don't buy the whole battle thing.

Have to also agree with the previous poster who mentioned the oddity of Hermione addressing Mr Weasley as "Arthur" and Harry calling Malfoy by his first name.

Also this sounds like Harry had to have asked Mr Weasley if the Ministry knew anything about DD traveling and I can't see that in any real script, either. Harry wouldn't point out that Dumbledore had been gone, nor would he ask Mr. Weasley about that.
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